• Develop, maintain and take responsibility for driving forward the club development plan, including timetabling, allocating roles & responsibilities and monitoring progress. Items for consideration could include: Different ways to play, new pitch opportunities, the introduction of new roles into the club, partnership arrangements, member feedback on club direction
  • Timetable committee meetings for the year (liaise with the committee regarding most suitable dates)
  • Chair committee meetings
  • Arrange AGM date
  • Prepare Chairman’s report for AGM
  • Ensure all club sections are performing – liaise regularly with section chairs
  • Ensure all others on the committee carry out their respective responsibilities
  • Liaise with Umpiring Officer, Club Captains, and the executive committee on any disciplinary matters relating to individual players or incidents, in line with the constitution
  • Represent the Club as necessary on any committees or at any meeting
  • Ensure smooth running of Club, proactively addressing any issues that might arise.
  • Work to recruit, recognise, reward and retain those who volunteer for and on behalf of the club
  • Provide access to coach, official, volunteer opportunities for club members
  • Ensure Volunteer recruitment and training is included in the club development plan
  • Be responsible for all aspects of discipline within the club.
  • Facilitate search for club sponsorship.
  • Deputise for Chair as and when appropriate
  • To have specific responsibility for a particular area of the clubs develppment as defined by the chair and general committee (e.g. responsibility for club development, specific project)
  • Develop club plan, both short term and long term with associated actions
  • Maintain and take responsibility for driving forward club development plan, including timetabling, allocating roles & responsibilities and monitoring progress. Items for consideration could include: Different ways to play, new pitch opportunities, the introduction of new roles into the club, partnership arrangements, member feedback on club direction
  • Be responsible for all club finances
  • Advise and report to the committee on all matters financial
  • Prepare a set of audited accounts for presentation to AGM year, with associated commentary
  • Prepare annual budget and make recommendations for annual subscription rates and weekly match fees for the season ahead
  • Maintain all financial paperwork.
  • Monitor receipt of all funds.
  • Receive, validate and arrange payment of all bills
  • Ensure that club has public liability insurance
  • Pay affiliation fees as appropriate
  • Provide financial status report to each committee meeting
  • Ensure minutes are kept of each meeting and agendas are followed
  • Arrange meetings as required.
  • Ensure all correspondence is handled
  • Undertake England Hockey annual affiliation process
  • Ensure notice of AGM is circulated in line with constitution
  • To equally represent all members of the club and be known to them.
  • To manage the section and report to the Club Committee
  • To be responsible for all matters that relate to the section on behalf of the club.
  • To plan the goals and objectives of the section for the season.
  • Oversee training and coaches so that all members get relevant training/time on pitch.
  • Determine training requirements for the section, help organise coaches and send pitch requirements to the pitch manager.
  • Oversee selection process so that policy is fairly and consistently applied.
  • Attend and jointly chair playing committee meetings.
  • Liaise with the Head of Junior Development to help provide coaches and also aid in the integration of juniors into senior sides.
  • To remain impartial on discussions affecting members.
  • To be the first point of contact for new/possible new members.
  • To avoid/minimise loss of players from the club.
  • Oversea the provision of junior training sessions.
  • Oversea the provision of junior teams.
  • Ensure effective development of junior section members into senior section players.
  • Ensure effective communication between both sections
  • Liaising with the captains and club captains, monitor the progress of players across the teams.
  • Discuss player progression with other player mentors, coaches and captains.
  • Support individual players to progress through the club and beyond.
  • Help ensure the right player attends the right training sessions.
  • Ensure collection of annual subscriptions, maintaining records of those paid and providing regular updates to committee, and captains.
  • Advise captains of all paid members contact details including emergency contact details
  • Advise Committee of unpaid members so appropriate action can be taken in line with the constitution
  • Accept new members into the club and set them up with relevant information, pass details on to the appropriate Captian/section/ etc etc
  • Assist new members to set up a direct debit with the club.
  • Change / charge/set up  the relevant  fees well before the start of the winter season and summer season.
  • Adjust individual fees at members request or when situations change
  • Follow up members whose Direct Debit has failed.
  • Monitor the automated responses Clubbuzz sends out.
  • Send out emails to all registered members as necessary/requested
  • Ensure the collection dates are correctly processing and the financial balance is accurate 
  • Monitor the level of admin access each member has been give and adjust as is necessary
  • Train Captains in the use to clubuzz for selection, submitting weekly match fees, add scores
  • Communicate with Clubbuzz and GoCardless staff when help is required.
  • Oversee the management of the club’s social media accounts.
  • Issue press releases associated with the club and liaise with the media.
  • Produce a weekly result sheet for distribution to club members.
  • Produce a newsletter as and when required – at least twice a year.
  • Produce all publicity for recruitment etc. on behalf of the club, and distribute.
  • Report to the main committee regarding all matters social and media.
  • Ensure that there is effective communication between all parts of the club.
  • To update and improve the club’s website by liaising with the necessary personnel from with the club
  • Ensure season’s fixtures and pitches are on the website
  • Identify all appropriate club news and add to the website
  • Be creative in identifying potential areas of improvement to website
  • Create a new team as required and move players into team squads
  • Help input the matches each season
  • Gather details of all home fixtures
  • Follow guidance on team priorities and get pitches block booked
  • Gather requirements for training sessions during season and block book
  • Establish dates upon which pitches are surplus to requirements or needed – and advise Treasurer of bookings made.
  • Publish list of allocations, advise captains and get captains agreement.
  • Place on website in liaison with the Webmaster.
  • During the season manage requests for additional pitches and cancellations
  • Monitor pitch cancellations due to poor weather, advise treasurer – and book any replacement pitches required
  • Facilitate arrangement of friendly fixtures as required.
  • Liaise with captains as to their requirements for additional friendly fixtures.
  • Draw up an annual social plan, for agreement by committee.
  • Liaise with Treasurer regarding financing (aim is to achieve “break-even” over the year)
  • Organise an Annual Dinner and Dance
  • Help organise annual awards evening.
  • Organise other social events, as appropriate.
  • Report to the main committee regarding all matters social
  • Investigate, where appropriate all incidents providing reports to relevant bodies and recommending appropriate actions for agreement, and monitoring effective completion of agreed actions
  • Hold occasional umpires meetings’ to disseminate information.
  • Circulate umpiring information to players, coaches and umpires
  • Arrange umpiring courses
  • Educate the number of players (as specified in Club Development plan) to umpiring level 1 and encourage others to improve their grading each year
  • Report to the committee on all matters associated with umpiring
  • Liaise with respective Team Captain and the Chairman on any disciplinary matters relating to individual players/incidents.
  • Assist the club to fulfil its responsibilities to safeguard children and young people.
  • To be the first point of contact for staff, volunteers, parents and children/young people where concerns about children’s welfare, poor practice or child abuse are identified.
  • Ensure all those who need to undergo DBS checks do
  • Be the first point of contact with the England Hockey’s Child Welfare Officer.
  • Implement England Hockey’s reporting and recording procedures.
  • Maintain contact details for local social services, police and the Area Child Protection Committee.
  • Promote England Hockey’s best practice guidance/code of ethics & behaviour within the club and anti-discriminatory practice.
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained.
  • Oversee and coordinate the search for club sponsors.
  • Liaise with teams who are searching for sponsorship and keep a central record of all sponsors.
  • Investigate available grant funding streams and apply for grants as required.
  • Feedback to the committee on applications and progress.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the astroturf, including
    • Periodically getting the pitch swept.
    • Arranging repairs to goals/nets as required.
    • Arrange for lines to be marked as required.
    • Ensure maintenance of lights.
    • Arrange repairs to fencing etc as required.
    • Ensure the servicing of the toilet with company.
  • Manage all elements of club clothing and kit, including new designs and proactive liaison with suppliers.
  • Facilitate sourcing of match and training balls for season
  • Represent the club at Sports Club meetings
  • Select a team of at least 11 players each week plus an umpire (except where there are
    appointed umpires).
  • Confirm details to any appointed umpires prior to each match
  • Provide a match ball for all home games.
  • Advise opposition and umpires of any change to location and timings of home games in accordance with league rules.
  • Ensure First Aid kit is present at each game.
  • Adopt club selection policy and discuss with other captains selection each week.
  • Decide whether or not to enter any cup competitions.
  • Communicate any relevant information to players as directed by the committee or other.
  • Nominate a vice captain who will be responsible for team finances (match fees, annual subscriptions, Dinner/Dance tickets…..).
  • Report to the main committee via club captain on all matters concerning the team.
  • In the case of the first team captains, submit a match report to the press each week (liaise with Communications Officer).
  • Maintain records of who played where and when.
  • Input the score onto the GMS system following each match.
  • Update fixtures, results and match reports on the website
  • Inform players, umpires and tea supplier in the event of cancellation.
  • Inform opposing Captain in the event of home cancellation.
  • Liaise with Umpire Liaison Officer and Chairman in respect to any disciplinary matter relating to individual players or incidents, in line with constitution.
  • Follow England Hockey child protection guidelines
  • Complete incident report if and when required.