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Code of Conduct for Hockey Coaches

Section A: Principles of the Code of Ethics and Conduct

England Hockey expects all coaches to conform to ethical standards in a number of areas. These areas are clearly laid out in this document and it is imperative that all coaches have read and understood this code before working with any group of performers.


  •   Introduction
  •   Personal Standards
  •   Relationships
  •   Safety
  •   Expectations
  •   Equity
  •   Competency and License to Coach
  •   Complaints Procedure
  •   Terms of Reference

England Hockey has a duty to its members to provide guidelines within which hockey coaches work. Thus ensuring that all those involved within the game are acting in the best interests of the players at all times.

It is important that the expected standards of ethical behaviour in coaching practice are widely publicised and maintained. It is essential that people within the sport and members of the public who are using the services of hockey coaches are informed of the code of ethics and are protected through its application.

Section B: Introduction

Hockey is one of the most popular sports amongst young people. It is important that all people taking part in the game are exposed to positive experiences and protected from negative ones.

The role of the coach within the sport is a very important one. The coach is any person who is responsible for the development of an individual or group of individuals within a specific sport. As well as the sporting development the coach is also tasked with the all round development of the player, or group of players, within the sporting context.

The coach is the mentor, the confidante and the teacher; to name but a few of their roles, and therefore must demonstrate exemplary behaviour at all times. The coach also has to maintain this level of behaviour when dealing with parents, assistant coaches, managers and other personnel involved in the sport.

These guidelines set out in the ‘Code of Ethics and Conduct’ are specific to hockey and should be used in conjunction with other sporting publications such as SportCoach UK’s ‘Code of Ethic and Conduct for Sport coaches’, ‘Working with Children’, ‘The Coach in Action’ and ‘Protecting Children’. Coaches are strongly advised to read and apply the Child Protection Policy Document.

Coaches who accept and work to the guidelines within this document are accepting their responsibility to the players they coach and their families, to other colleagues within the sport, to their employer as a coach and to the governing body.

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