England Hockey is strongly committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of hockey and all those who participate in the sport. To ensure the continued safety of all members, England Hockey require data of injuries sustained across the sport so that trends can be identified and reported to both England Hockey’s Board and the International Hockey Federation (FIH). It is imperative that England Hockey collects this data in order to influence rules changes and improve the safety of the sport.

Injury Reporting Policy

This Policy relates to the recording and reporting of injuries sustained during hockey activity by any member of a club or association affiliated to England Hockey.

In order to collect meaningful data, England Hockey require clubs/associations to complete the England Hockey online ‘Injury Monitoring Form’ following injuries sustained that require one or more of the following:

  • Treatment from a first aid specialist (e.g. Team doctor/ first responder)
  • Hospital treatment
  • Subsequent visit(s) to a GP

England Hockey’s online ‘Injury Monitoring Form’ can be found at.

All clubs/associations have a responsibility to record injuries using accident report forms/accident books. Accident reports should be stored for a minimum of 10 years or until the individual is 25 years old. All personal information should be processed, stored and retained in accordance with both the Club’s Privacy Notice and GDPR.

A template accident report form can be found here.

In the event of an injury, insured clubs/associations will be liable for the actions of its members. Please note that from September 2021, clubs/associations are required to meet the minimum standards for insurance, as outlined by England Hockey.

First Aid and Young People (U18)

All hockey clubs have a duty of care towards young people in the sport. It is essential that a young person’s parent or guardian is informed of any injury a child sustained whilst participating in hockey activity. Clubs/associations should ensure that the individual(s) responsible for the delivery of hockey activity have access to relevant medical information and that parent/guardian contact details are readily available in case of an emergency for all junior players and stored in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation.

Non-Compliance with England Hockey’s Injury Reporting Policy

England Hockey takes the safety of its members extremely seriously and for this reason, members’ commitment to Safe Hockey has been included as a condition of affiliation. In the event that a member club/associations fails to complete England Hockey’s online ‘Injury Monitoring Form’ for any injury which meets the criteria outlined in England Hockey’s Injury Reporting Policy, or fails to comply with the terms of affiliation relating to Safe Hockey, England Hockey reserves the right to review the affiliation status of the club/associations in question and/or consider disciplinary action.