Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions



All hockey participants have an important role to play in keeping themselves and others safe during this crisis. England Hockey has made a commitment to DCMS and Public Health that participants returning to hockey will follow EH and Government guidance to reduce the spread of infection. This will mean a number of changes to the way in which hockey is organised and provided.

Please make sure you have read and understood your responsibilities in the Advice for Participants and/or Advice for Coaches.

You will only need to complete this form once unless you start playing or volunteering for other hockey clubs or hockey providers. Simply return and update your details. Once this form is submitted, it can take up to 24 hours for the system to link you to a club, player pathway or other hockey provider. Your Covid Officer will have access to see who has signed up and will invite only those who have signed up to attend training sessions or matches. This process does not apply to school run hockey sessions as it will fall under the Education strategic framework.

Please note that we will hold your data for the purposes of supporting NHS Track and Trace, and to support the Governance of the Sport, and to ensure that Deliverers are following the guidelines agreed with DCMS and PHE.  This data will be held up until the point where it is agreed by both the government and England Hockey that we no longer need to hold this information for the purposes of helping to control the COVID-19 pandemic.  Further details about England Hockey’s Data Privacy Notice can be found here. With a specific reference to the COVID-19 Addendum to this Notice here.  We will also share your data with NHS Track and Trace where appropriate. Details of this service can be found here.

  1. For guidance on how to complete this form correctly, you can watch the video here:-

Please note that if you Manually Type into any “Other” box for Organisations in a dropdown below because you cannot find the correct name, that is most likley because of one of two reasons:- 1. You have not found the correct dropdown in which the organisation is looking for can be found so please read the guidance notes below and on each questions; 2. The organisation is NOT signed up to the England Hockey policies and procedures and hence is NOT covered by our Return to Play protocols.   Be aware that Schools are NOT covered by England Hockey’s protocols as they do not affiliate to England Hockey and are covered by guidance from the Department for Educations, IAPS and/or HMC.

2. How many Clubs or Organisations are you linked with? (If more than 4, you will need to complete a second form)

If you want to select a Player or Talent Pathway Group, or England Masters Squad, please select 4 – but you can leave the first three options blank if you want; Coaching Agencies are available as Organisation 2 or 3, and clubs added more recently are ONLY in the options which appear as additional dropdowns in Questions 8 and 9 (access by selecting 3 from the question below).