Emergency Action Plan

The Emergency Action Plan (EAP), are procedures to be followed when a member
of the club encounters an emergency situation. This document is the alternative to
the Normal Operating Procedure (NOP) when the NOP for the pitch turns into an emergency these procedures must be followed in order to sustain normal operating standards as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The EAP document will show the various situations that could arise within the facility. There may be other situations not accounted for but these would happen on very seldom occasions that cannot receive justification for being written into any of our procedures.

If one of these situations does arise then intuition and initiative will be used by the home captain or coach in charge to bring the state of affairs back to normality. It will be their responsibility to supervise the users of the pitch. The pitch should be cleared until further instructions are made apparent by the captain or coach.

For all emergencies, composure, efficiency and haste are required by home captain or coach. Not to panic the players is a priority as this can cause other implications.

Emergency Procedure

If a member of public alerts the home captain or coach to a suspected fire or any other type of emergency, the home captain or coach will send a competent person to the suspected area of the fire who will report back with their findings.

The home captain or coach will determine whether it is necessary to evacuate the facility or not depending on the type of emergency, on this information, a decision can be made. The situation should be constantly monitored by the home captain or coach

The home captain or coach should make contact with the fire service and let them know the situation if they have not already arrived, explaining the best way to approach the astro. Allow the emergency services to complete any necessary checks

The home captain or coach will contact a member of the Hockey Club Committee to come out and reset the fire alarm control panel.page1image3146426128

Hockey Club Committee

Neal Critchley Chairman

Dave Eastland Vice Chair

Tony Wilmott Vice Chair

Dave Willenbruch Vice Chair

Neil McGregor Secretary

Detecting a Fire

An area suspected of having a fire can be checked in a number of ways.

You will be able to smell the smoke (or gas)
You will be able to see the smoke billowing out from the area
You can feel a door or cupboard with your hand to check if there is any heat behind it, this is a good indication to the size of the fire beyond the division

If heat is detected behind a dividing door or area, then this should be reported straightaway and the building evacuated

Under no circumstance should the door be opened if a fire is suspected behind it.

Electrical Failure

If for any reason the pitch electrical utility fails, the situation will need checking by an Officer of the Joint Management Committee or their appointed representative by observing the distribution boards in the Switch room to see if any trip switches have failed. They may be restored by throwing the trip switches back on.

The coach or captain should telephone Steph Hughes (07496885470) During the daylight period it will not be such a necessity to clear the area immediately as the players will be able to continue.
During night time periods the pitch will need to be cleared

Dave Willenbruch or the bar steward will contact the electricity supplier on the electricity power loss help-line and tell them of the problem, and ask if it is likely to come back on at any time
The coach or captain will secure the pitch when everyone has evacuated

Structural Failure

If any part of the pitch surround fails, then Neal Critchley, Dave Willenbruch (01543 301326) or the bar steward on duty must be made aware.
If part of the dugout collapsing, lighting pylon collapse, part of the fencing collapses
If any of these issues become apparent then the immediate area will need clearing.

Then Dave Willenbruch (01543 301326) or the bar steward on duty must inspect the situation.

Broken Glass

Any amount of broken glass on the pitch then ring Dave Willenbruch (01543 301326) or the bar steward on duty must be made aware of the situation. An immediate inspection should be made and the area cleared of any players. Re-open the pitch only when safe to do so.

Artificial Turf Pitch Emergencies

An artificial turf pitch emergency situation is deemed an incident where either the emergency services are called or there is a problem with the surface, lighting or the surrounds.

Dealing with the situation you may have to:

Clear the pitch. Telephone for emergency services (ensure they know to enter from Grange Lane entrance). Keep a casualty comfortable. Help with CPR or EAV of a casualty. Ensure all accident forms are filled in correctly and send or give to Steph Hughes behind the bar who will pass them to the club secretary. Ensure the accident book, located in the kitchen is filled in according to the accident form

Bomb Scare

If anyone is alerted to a bomb being placed or likely to explode near the astro pitch then the following procedure should be adhered to.

  •   The coach or home captain must be made aware of the situation.
  •   The police should be telephoned as an emergency 999 call, immediate evacuation of thepitch is paramount, nobody should be allowed to collect any belongings, as this maytrigger an explosion of the bomb.
  •   If anyone finds any suspect packages whilst clearing the area, then the location of thepackage should be notified to the emergency services when they arrive, no-one is to enter the pitch or surrounds until it is passed safe by the emergency services


If the pitch or the access to the pitch becomes flooded then the area should be evacuated.

Thunder and Lightening

If there is thunder and lightening in the area then the pitch must be evacuated and the players taken indoors or the session be abandoned under no circumstances should the practice or match be allowed to continue, a member of the Lichfield Hockey Club committee should be informed as soon as possible.

Disorderly Behaviour

This is to be classified as a member of the public performing in a manner that is not publicly acceptable, although not physically abusive, if a member of the club receives a report or notices that this type of behaviour has been happening then the following procedure needs adhering to:-

  •   The Secretary of the club needs to be made aware of the situation
  •   The assailant(s) needs pointing out discretely to the coach or home captain
  •   The police should be telephoned, and told of the situation
  •   A thorough description of the assailant(s) should be made. Any one involved should makea statement to the coach or home captain. When the police arrive the coach or homecaptain should make contact with the police and tell them of the situation
  •   Allow the police to further their enquiries, and provide assistance when required

Suspected Heart Attack

If a heart attack is suspected then the following procedure should be adhered to.

  •   Normal First Aid measures should be completed to determine a heart attack, includingchecks for Airway, Breathing and Circulation and any signs and symptoms from the casualty. After shouting for help, in the meantime the casualty should receive CPR and EAV if required, when the emergency service arrives, as much detail about the incident should be passed on to them. This will be the responsibility of the coach or home team captain
  •   The secretary of Lichfield Hockey Club should be made aware of the situation, an incident and accident report form should be filled in and sent or given to the secretary of the Lichfield Hockey Club.

Suspected Heart Attack

With any major first aid incident the initial first aid treatment is paramount.
The coach or home team captain needs to be made aware of the situation
The Emergency service should be contacted to deal with the situation. (Ensure that they know to use the Grange Lane entrance and send someone to meet their vehicle)
A major first aid incident will include:

  •   Major trauma leading to heart attack
  •   Fractures
  •   Dislocations
  •   Electrocution
  •   Unconsciousness
  •   Stroke
  •   Epileptic Attack
  •   Diabetes
  •   Any collapsed casualty

An incident and accident form should be completed and handed or sent to the secretary of the Lichfield Hockey Club.

Blood Spillage

If a casualty has bled within the facility, then the casualty should be dealt with as a first aid incident. If blood is discovered on any surface it needs clearing up using the following procedure.

 The immediate area will need clearing of players, the blood needs cleaning up using a neat solution of ‘Versalem Plus’, applied to the area and scrubbed to disinfect, the area can then be washed away with fresh water to the drain, and the area re-opened.

 The report of the incident will be written on to the accident form.