The club runs six men’s teams, seven women’s teams and numerous junior teams.

Men’s 1st Team – Coaches: Paul Campbell and Neal Critchley – Captain: Jon Proud

Women’s 1st Team – Coach: Ben Walton – Captain: Jenny Mitchell

Men’s 2nd Team – Captain: James Geldard-Williams

Women’s 2nd Team – Coach: Claire Creswell – Captain: Ellie Paxton

Men’s 3rd Team – Captain: 

Women’s 3rd Team – Captain: Alida Hill

Men’s 4th Team – Captain: Adam Jackson

Women’s 4th Team – Captain: Rachael Swailes

Men’s 5th Team – Captain: Surjit Pandher

Women’s 5th Team – Captain: Joe Edgar

Men’s 6th Team – Captain: Carl Mears

Women’s 6th Team – Captain: Angela Mason

Women’s 7th Team – Kate Awmack

Junior Teams: Under 18 Boys, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 14 Boys, Under 14 Girls, Under 12 Boys, Under 12 Girls, Under 10 Boys, Under 10 Girls, Under 8